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Monday, July 11, 2011

Hind Sight is 20/20!

After writing my last posting about Ian's diagnosis I found a notebook that I wrote in at the time we were waiting for the diagnosis.  In it I wrote the behaviours I observed Ian doing at that time, I will list them below as I wrote them back then.

October 8, 2008

- When playing with cars he lies on the floor and watches the wheels.  Yesterday he turned the car over and started to spin on of the wheels.

-  Hardly knows any words - Mama, Dada, Kitty, Go, Nana.

-  Doesn't tell me what he wants, doesn't point to things

-  Makes strange noises which he'll repeat all day.

-  Hardly plays with toys, would rather get into the fridge, stove or cupboard.

-  Loves climbing things especially stairs.

 -  Very picky eater, texture of foods can turn him off will only drink milk or Apple Juice.

-  Loves fans, elevators and anything with buttons to push

-  Keeps shutting the doors down hallway.  (Makes sure they're always shut)

-  Doesn't respond to name very often.  Could be standing right in front of him telling him something and he completely ignores me.

-  When excited he rolls his hands and pats his ears.

-  Loves pillows.  (Sensory)

-  Will only interact with you in play if playing chase.

November 16, 2008

-  Doesn't like to be restrained or held but likes to be touched.  Likes you to run his head, tickle him or just rub his legs or feet.

-  Watches fans, turns lights on and off, open and closes cupboard doors repetitively.

-  Looks out the corners of his eyes and shakes his head back and forth.

-  Will put things on the floor, sippy cub or soothers and do circles around them.

-  Will only play with toys a certain way like some cars that make noise, he'll just play with the buttons, other cars with no noise he'll just roll them back and forth while staring at the wheels.

-  Doesn't ask, point or indicate when he wants something or some help.  If he sees something he wants he tries to get it himself and won't indicate to us if he can't reach it.

I'm putting this out there just in case some parents might observe their children with the same issues but like me, thought it was just normal or just didn't know what it was.  This is what Ian was doing, other children do other things that Ian doesn't do at all so the Spectrum is very vast.  Autism Awareness is the key to early diagnosis and to the all important therapy that they'll need to receive.  I'm proud to say that Ian doesn't do all those things on this list anymore and has much more words.  He's finally requesting and pointing to the things he wants or needs and is showing us that he is in our world and is quite happy.

Stay posted to see his latest accomplishments!

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